Recognizing Excellence

Smile, You're in Springfield, Illinois!

The “WOW” Award

The “WOW” Award is our opportunity to recognize those unsung heroes that lift our spirits and inspire us through their simple or extraordinary acts of kindness or superior customer service.

By recognizing those who make a difference in our lives, we are challenged to think about how we can do the same for others.  It’s often not even what we do, but how we do it.  Together, one personal encounter at time, we can make our Springfield a happier place to be.  A place where people feel respected, included, and welcomed.

If you know a community member who deserves to be recognized for their extraordinary act of kindness or superior customer service, please take a few moments to nominate them today!

The deadline for this round of WOW Award nominations is April 15, 2023.

Who Should Be Nominated?

Your nominee could be someone in your company, but we hope you’ll think beyond that.  Is there someone who regularly crosses your path who makes you smile, made a difficult situation easier, or performed an unexpected act of thoughtfulness.

How do I Nominate Someone for a “WOW” Award?

Click on the button above and download the form.

Submission information can be found at the bottom of the form. All nominations are presented to CILCSA’s Advisory Committee for a thorough review before a winning nomination is selected by vote.  While all nominees are recognized for their outstanding customer service, the WOW award winners are recognized, typically at their workplace, with a personal presentation by members of CILCSA’s Board of Directors.   

What is the Deadline?

The WOW Award is an ongoing nomination process with awards being given out throughout the year.

How will I know my nomination was received?

Upon submission you will receive a confirmation via phone or e-mail within a few days.  If you do not, please contact Julie Davis at or 217-836-3123.


Previous “WOW” Award Recipients

 Steve Wade, Lowes

This nomination read in part:

“With a pregnant wife, two infants at home, and a new baby coming in two days, I came to Lowe’s in a rush to try to get the final piece of wood needed to complete my son’s bunk beds.  It was crunch time and I needed a single piece of wood cut down to a custom size.  Unfortunately, the saw on their cutting rig was broken.  With zero hesitation or me explaining my predicament, Steve said, “I’m going to get you take care of”.

Steve went out of his way to cut the wood manually…when he could have very easily said, “well the cutting rig is down, sorry we can’t get this cut for you today”.  Instead, he went above and beyond to help.

We should all strive for customer service interactions like Steve!

Steve Wade and the team at Lowes - WOW Award Recipient

Reggie Hall, Culvers

The nomination was submitted to CILCSA by Diane Newell, after receiving outstanding service consistently from Reggie!

The nomination read in part, “Reggie Hall is the absolute face of customer service!  He consistently greets customers who are waiting in line for their food with a ‘Hello there!  We’ll get your order right out to you’, or ‘What a beautiful day!  Thanks for coming to Culver’s’.  Reggie’s smile and his ability to make everyone feel special are more of a treat than Culver’s Oreo Concrete!” 

Diane went on to say, “There is not one encounter with Reggie that is remarkable…and perhaps that IS what is remarkable.  Reggie is consistently ‘there’.  He is present in each and every moment, each and every interaction and with each and every customer.  He brings joy to delivering your order and appears to effortlessly welcome each person as if they are the ONLY person.  And truly, isn’t that what customer service is about?  It is an honor to have gotten to know Reggie and watch him as he humbly brings fresh food and shares his joy.”

Thank you for sharing your joy, Reggie!

Dr. Goldberg, St. John’s Hospital ER

The nomination was submitted to CILCSA by Gene Pritchett, after Dr. Goldberg provided exceptional care during a tragic situation.

“Despite a busy ER bustling with patients, the staff at St. John’s Hospital ER, specifically Dr. Goldberg, displayed a high level of compassionate care from the moment my wife entered their facility.  At the end of the day, there’s a big difference between just having your medical diagnosis treated effectively and having a doctor/team make you feel like you matter to them.”

Maintenance Supply

Jennifer Wagner, and her entire team at Maintenance Supply  go above & beyond to provide exceptional service. While cleaning the windows at HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital is a tough job, Jennifer’s employees will wear super hero suits as they work.  This creates memories and provides smiles for the children at the hospital during their challenging times.

 Tony Mclaughlin

To the Top Tree Service  was nominated for their outstanding efforts during a time in which a local family needed to remove a 70-foot Sycamore tree that could cause damage to their home. Tony Mclaughlin and crew lived up to their vision and mission by providing excellent service and making the entire process simple for the customer. Once the job was completed, the clean-up was excellent, and enjoyable as the crew provided some great entertainment for the customer’s 2-year-old grandson during the process!  Congratulations Tony, Springfield is a better place because of YOU!

 Jeanne Campbell

Jeanne Campbell, Administrator of Mill Creek Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, was nominated by Amy Hood.  “Jeanne makes Springfield a happier place where people feel respected, included and welcomed.” She is the true spirit of the “WOW” Award!  Congratulations Jeanne, Springfield is a better place because of YOU!

 Kayla Graven

Congratulations to Kayla Graven of Downtown Springfield Inc. on winning the CILCSA “WOW Award” for extraordinary service to the community!  Kayla was nominated for her outstanding efforts with the Old Capitol Farmers Market and for handling difficult situations with respect, fairness and above all great customer service.  Her nominator wrote, “Kayla’s calm reaction to this encounter was one to be admired and gave me a new appreciation for our essential workers.”

“Whenever you see the opportunity to create a WOW moment, act on it!”

— Shep Hyken